Mark Barons and his team at Barons Custom Homes far exceeded our expectations by every measure and at every turn. The quality in vision, design, construction, craftsmanship, and most importantly, the quality of the people behind the work, was unsurpassed. In both the beginning and the end – it really is that simple and defines Mark Barons and his team at Barons Custom Homes.

The visuals here on the website could never appropriately capture the intricate detail you will see when you tour one of Mark’s homes in person. Every aspect of custom home building from the largest scale of foundation and frame to the most minute detail of interior finishes, has been meticulously planned.

We’ve known Mark for four years now since we bought our home, and without question, the one thing that distinguishes Mark and his company from all others is commitment. Mark has been fully engaged and committed to our every question and every need since the day we met him and toured the home for the first time, some four years ago.

We simply couldn’t be happier with our home and the extraordinary blessing of Mark Barons commitment to our home and to us as customers, and now friends.
— Jim Aiken President, Winter Harbor Insurance, Winchester, MA

My husband and I were not looking for a new home. We were on a bike ride one beautiful fall day when we stumbled upon an open house at a Barons Custom Homes property. We fell in love with the beautiful soft colors, detailed woodwork, bright open floor plan, solid construction and overall character, uniqueness and quality of the home. We instantly felt, “at home”!

We were intimidated by the thought of building a new home, but Mark and his team of designers and craftsmen at Barons Custom Homes made for a seamless process. From drawing up the first draft of the architectural plans to the final finish work, everything was of unsurpassed quality, highly professional, exciting and fun. Yes, fun!

Mark takes tremendous pride in the homes he builds. He pays meticulous attention to detail, directly oversees every step of the home building process, and maintains open, honest lines of communication with the buyers throughout the process, even after closing. It has been two years and Mark still checks in from time to time to make sure we are as happy and satisfied as the day we moved in to our new home!
— Elizabeth Friedlander, PhD, Lexington, MA

We fell in love with our house the very first time we looked at it. The house was elegantly designed and solidly constructed. Every little detail, and the high quality materials used in the house reflect how much thought Mark has put into this home.

In addition to the high quality house, another important thing is that Mark is very trustworthy. He addressed every concern we had before the closing. More remarkably, after the closing, Mark would make sure all the questions/concerns/requests we had be taken care of promptly and adequately.When you work with Mark, you will know things are in good hands.

We love this house. We feel very fortunate to have this great house to raise our family.
— Yaming Hang, Yanqiong Zhang Director Biostatictics, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

Being a structural engineer and having worked with many builders, I chose to work with Mark Barons and Barons Custom Homes on my personal residence because of his quality of construction and integrity. Building a new home with Mark was easy, fun, and a rewarding experience for me. Mark has a great team of people in all trades that delivered unparalleled end products. I ended up creating such an elegant and unique haven that I call home, while staying within budget and ahead of schedule.

I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is doing new construction or renovation in this area!
— Elaine Huang, PE. Structural Engineer, Lexington, MA

Mark built our home for us in 2015. I would say we “found” him after over 2 years of directionless searching and talking to builders and contractors who just did not seem to understand what we wanted in a custom home. Mark listened and instinctively inspired confidence. As soon as we decided to engage mark he took the reins and got things going and the results of our home are beautiful.

I would like to state some specifics with regard to our experience with Mark - you only get the best in terms of building materials and robustness of construction. Your house will feel like it will easily last another 150 years. His attention to detail is meticulous and he is totally hands on, supervising the work; he is on site every single day and knows all the ins and outs of what is happening first hand. He plans assiduously and his work ethic is phenomenal. Quality is a top priority and his byword. I will especially mention his woodwork person who is literally an artist. The finishes are amazing.

I also want to say something about Mark’s responsiveness- it is 200%! He never loses sight of the fact that he is building your home for your life. He was also open enough to revise parts of the plan when we found that something did not work for us. This is something many builders will not do.

If I needed to build another home - I would go back to Mark and Barons Custom Homes.
— Madhumathi Rao, M.D. Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MA

After searching for homes for months, and speaking to many builders, my husband and I met Mark Barons in one of his homes we were considering, and purchased.

Mark was very accommodating, and spent a great deal of time explaining his work and answering our questions. He definitely incorporates more than usual builder standards, and the quality of his work is evident when you tour his homes. In a time when corners are cut to bring costs down, Mark builds in many extras and upgrades into his homes. He was very open to our requests, and was directly involved in communicating with us. He displayed incredible patience in the building process, and was thoughtful about choices we made and how they would fit in our home. In addition to the aesthetic features he included in the home, Mark builds with high quality materials, and insures his homes are solidly built.

We feel fortunate to have used a builder like Mark Barons.
— Harshini Joshi Lexington, MA

We were so fortunate that we came across Mark about four years ago when we were looking for a house in the Lexington area. Looking back at the experience of buying a beautiful house from Mark that he had just built, we can say that he actually gave us a HOME not a house. Not only is the house aesthetically wonderful (he is a master builder!), Mark took his time introducing us to the details and intricacies of the house to make sure that we truly enjoyed living in our HOME. Furthermore, Mark even helped us obtain a propane service, a plumber, an electrician...and the list goes on and on. So instead of worrying about the little things, Mark gave us an opportunity to get settled in our HOME and begin to enjoy it from day one. Even fours years later, whenever we have reached out to Mark for assistance, he has always been there for us with a perpetual smile and a pleasing demeanor. In short, Mark is truly a class act and we are so happy that we are getting this opportunity to share our great find with others.
— Vinita & Amit Verma, Lexington, MA

Working with Mark throughout the build of our new home has been an absolute joy. This is especially remarkable considering we were doing most of this remotely, from Europe. Mark and his team achieve a fabulous quality in his homes – creating wonderful character and taking the time to finish to a high standard. Mark has great attention to detail and knows when you need to be involved in a key decision. He has taken the time to get to know us as a family and has built a home that has created a new way of life for us. Within just a few weeks in our home we could not feel more settled. If you are looking for a builder with a high level of integrity, an eye for detail and a passion for getting it right then we would not hesitate to recommend Mark Barons
— Melanie Ivarsson, PhD Head, Clinical R&D Operations COO/Bio Therapeutics R & D PFIZER Global R & D

We love our house. It is everything we dreamed it would be; high quality, interesting custom design and great detailing.
— Ed Speidel Partner/Consultant Radford Global Intelligence for Technology and Life Science Industries Boston, MA

I first saw the house on a website and loved the look of it. Our realtor showed us some very nice homes, but there was something about this house that stuck in my mind. After looking at several homes, we decided to look at the one from the website, even though it was in a less familiar area to us. We walked in and we knew we were “home”. The house felt like a great big hug! The home is solidly built and has beautiful appliances and finishes. The high ceilings and spacious layout and flow of the rooms allows us to entertain large groups of people without feeling crowded. We still, after 10 years, love coming home to this house every time we’ve been away traveling. Our house has an elegant look without being overstated.
— Kelly Baskys, Lexington, MA

We can simply state that our home is wonderful. Visitors and guests have nothing but praise of the detailing and thought put into the construction of our house. The understated beauty of the façade is accentuated when you enter into the front door. The deep, rich tone of the hardwood floors in a beautiful herringbone pattern stops everyone at the threshold. The carefully planned layout and design provide a feeling of muted elegance throughout our home. The landscaping is equally elegant as it surrounds the exterior, gently embracing the home. Overall, we have nothing but praise for Mark Barons and his construction of our new home. He remains easily approachable and amenable to make things better or right. It is obvious that he took great pride in constructing our wonderful home. One that we will enjoy for years to come.
— Moon Kwoun, MD, Belmont, MA

Mark Barons is an excellent builder. We love our home and greatly appreciate that it was built with great attention to detail and commitment to quality. We’ve now been in our home since 2010 and haven’t had any problems at all.
— Eric Paley, Lexington, MA

When we met Mark we instantly felt a connection. He’s such a genuinely nice person—someone you instantly know you can trust. It’s an important quality to have in a builder since you work so closely with them from start to finish (building the house together) or from finish to beyond—ironing out final details. But there isn’t much to iron out with Mark—his work is meticulous. Much time was taken to ensure that our new house looked like it would fit into our older, established neighborhood. Everyone who visits remarks on how well it does fit in. They also remark on the quality of his work—very impressed with all of the finishings and details. In fact, another builder commented on how high the quality of work was. It was so nice to hear, coming from someone who noticed the detailed molding, the beautiful window frames, bathroom details like penny tiles, and high-end appliances. We know that quality work went into building our house since the builder is such a high quality person. It’s great to see him around town and to be able to chat like we’ve been friends for many years!
— Marisa Kearney, M.D. Winchester Hospital

Mark’s level of professionalism, talent and expertise is incomparable, not to mention his patience and attention to detail. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with him in marketing his properties which are extraordinary.
— Barbara Nolan, Vice President Coldwell Banker, Belmont, MA

I have worked with Mark Barons of Barons Custom Homes for over twelve years. Mark consistently combines superb taste, expert craftsmanship and a disciplined building process to build wonderful homes on time while helping his clients to actually enjoy the construction process.

Mark’s homes are beautiful because he has fabulous taste. While aesthetics are his personal forte, Mark still engages an interior designer to ensure that every color, light fixture and slab of granite is just right and every detail is perfect.

Mark is always open and approachable. He works closely with his clients, welcomes their phone calls, and addresses their questions and concerns promptly. Mark is the only builder I work with who regularly gets hugs from his clients at the closing table!
— Elizabeth Crampton, VP, CRS Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Lexington, MA